AIC2-V, Voltage mode, two injector connectors, EV1 style

Product Description

The AIC2 controls additional injectors on turbo and supercharged engines. The controller provides additional fuel without changes to the stock injectors or ECU programming. This preserves the characteristics of the stock engine under light load while providing all the necessary fuel in boost.

The AIC2 controller integrates seamlessly with the stock ECU to satisfy fuel requirements in boost. It can control either upstream or port injectors. It is especially useful on modern direct injected engines which have fuel systems that are difficult to modify.

The AIC2 is programmed over a USB interface with the TunerPro RT software which provides real-time programming, data dashboard and data logging. Two-dimensional map tables provide precise fuel control over load and RPM. Additional tables facilitate compensation for elevation, air temperature and injector dead time.

Two versions are available. The AIC2-P features two internal pressure sensors. These sensors can be configured in a variety of ways that assure fueling is consistent over elevation change. A lower cost version (AIC2-V) is available which does not have internal pressure sensors. This version is used with external MAP or MAF sensors.

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Click here to view the AIC2 Additional Injector Controller Data Sheet.