MAF 3.0, Round Inlet Mass Air Flow Sensor with 3″ outlet

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Product Description

The MAF 3.0 is a hot wire mass air flow sensor in an aluminum housing. It operates from a 12V supply and produces a 0-5 V output. The DC voltage is proportional to mass air flow. It is compatible with engines making up to 300 hp. It has a 3.5″ round inlet and 3.0″ round outlet. Both the inlet and outlet are designed to mate to a flexible tube and be secured with a hose clamp.


Overall length 120 mm (4.73″)
Inlet O.D. 89 mm (3.50″)
Inlet I.D. 80 mm (3.15″)
Outlet O.D. 77 mm (3.03″)
Outlet I.D. 73 mm (2.87″)

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