1.8T BCS Boost Control System Page


The 1.8TBCS is designed specifically for 1.8T Audi and Volkswagen applications. It allows the user to increase boost without ECU re-programming. Boost can be varied from 6 to 14.5 psi with performance gains as measured at the wheels of 35 hp and 43 ft-lbs. It is designed to work with all throttle-by-wire Audi and Volkswagen 1.8T engines. Compatible models include the A4, Beetle, Passat, Jetta, Golf, and GTI. The boost gauge has a ten segment, three-color LED display that reads in 1.5 psi increments from 1 to 14.5 psi.

The 1.8T BCS has gone through four generations in its product history:

Gen 1 was the initial version of the 1.8T BCS. It was designed to work on model year 2000 vehicles. It had no calibration feature and 6 wires to connect.

Gen 2 was designed for the 2001 model vehicles. It had a loop of blue wire on the back. It was possible to cut the loop of wire in order to select two states of calibration. A retrofit potentiometer was later offered to allow a continuously variable calibration feature. This made it possible to fine tune the calibration for an individual vehicle. Calibration allowed the user to “dial-out” the abrupt drop in power that was caused by the ECU shutting the throttle. This could occur when the measured boost was outside the target range. The Gen 2 unit had 6 wires to connect.

Gen 3 was designed for 2002 model year vehicles and came with the calibration potentiometer built in. It was located on the rear of the unit and provided twice the range of adjustment that the retrofit potentiometer had on Gen 2 units. The Gen 3 unit had 6 wires to connect.

Gen 4 was designed for 2003 and later model years. It had the calibration feature as well as a new way of controlling boost. The Gen 4 unit had 7 wires to connect.


Data Sheet:

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