Project Cars

Split Second specializes in piggy-back calibrators for fuel and timing calibration. These calibrators fall into two basic categories, front panel adjustable and laptop programmable. These products retain the stock ECU mapping while providing precise adjustment of various parameters to optimize performance with a wide range of engine modifications. The front panel adjustable products like the ARC1, ARC2 and TMC1 provide real-time, on-the fly adjustability. The laptop programmable products such as the AIC1, FTC1 and PSC1, provide stand-alone style programming features. The map tables used in these products can be thought of as overlay maps that ride on top of the fuel and timing maps in the stock ECU.

Split Second calibrators can be used to properly calibrate all sorts of modified engines. Typical engine modifications would include naturally aspirated built engines, as well as turbocharged and supercharged engines. Split Second calibrators can fine tune performance when engines are modified with different sensors, larger injectors or higher fuel pressure.

The following project cars illustrate what can be achieved with Split Second products.