FIS2-001 Fuel Injection System, Type 1 VW

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Call (949) 863-1359 to order or for more information

The FIS2-001 Fuel Injection System conversion kit is a complete fuel injection solution for Type 1 Volkswagen engines.  It replaces the carburetor with a fuel injection system that is modular and easy for an experienced mechanic to install.  The ECU controls both fuel and ignition timing.  It comes pre-programmed for a 1600 engine and can be reprogrammed for larger engines by the end user. In addition to optimizing fuel and timing for peak performance, the system has a high idle mode for cold start and compensation for elevation and engine temperature.

This kit provides significant performance gains.  Dyno testing showed an 8 hp gain from 46 to 54 hp and an 11 ft-lb torque increase from 79 to 90 ft-lbs.  The engine starts right up when cranking and does not require that you touch the accelerator pedal.  The engine feels smooth and strong over the entire RPM range.  Moreover, the benefit of the O2 sensor is improved fuel economy.  The responsiveness of the engine is transformed with instant acceleration on demand.

The kit can be installed by an experienced mechanic in about four hours.  The fuel pump, regulator and filter are all pre-assembled into one unit.  The highly integrated throttle body is fitted with the fuel injector, IAT sensor, TPS sensor and idle air valve.  It is a direct fit and ready to install.  A custom wire harness with clearly labeled connectors makes wiring easy.

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Click here to view the FIS2-001 Instruction Sheet for VW Type 1 Fuel Injection System.


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