LSC2-002 Dual Channel Signal Modifier

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Product Description

The Modifier is a miniature electronic module that can be used to adjust a variety of signals on modified engines. It controls the gain and response time for two independent signals. It is particularly effective at maintaining signals within their normal operating range on modified naturally aspirated and forced induction engines. When an aftermarket turbo or supercharger is fitted to an engine, the load sensors read much higher than normal. In many cases, this elevated reading leads to faults that result in fuel cut or a check engine light. The Modifier provides a simple way to compress the sensor reading so that it stays within the normal operating range. The Modifier is a nice companion product for ECU reprogramming tools. In many cases these tools can be used to re-map the fuel curve, but cannot address faults caused by the sensor over-range problem.

Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

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