Camaro LT1

This naturally aspirated Camaro LT1 is beautifully prepared with a stroked 383 engine. It features LT4 cams, heads and intake, a 58mm port matched throttle body and 11.0:1 compression. It has JP performance headers and exhaust. The wide range of upgrades required an increase to 30lb injectors and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. The dyno showed an average air/fuel ratio around 13.5:1 at the initial fuel pressure of 40 PSI. Any higher pressure would make the mixture way too rich at light load. The fuel pressure was raised to 50 PSI and the laptop programmable PSC1-003 was installed. The R4 software was used to program the PSC1 throughout the entire load map. The engine was tuned for an average AFR of 12.5:1 at wide open throttle. After tuning the car put out 360 hp and 350 ft-lbs on a day that was nearly 100 degrees. With nitrous it put down 463 hp and 443 ft-lbs. The result is a car that is perfectly streetable with excellent drivability. This car is equally at home on the street or dragstrip. On nitrous it turns a 10.80 @ 126 mph in the quarter mile.

LT1-at-Splitsec  LT1-engineLT1-engine-detail  LT-1_drag2LT-1-dragrace