Alfa Romeo Milano with MAF Conversion

Jeff Greenfield sent us this note after installing the Split Second MAF 2.75 – P kit on his Alfa Romeo Milano. He used the PSC1-009 air/fuel calibrator with extended output range to tune his fuel curve. He also installed the IAT1 intake air temp sensor for improved performance during cold start and initial run conditions. In the photos you can see the modification that Jeff made to his airbox to fit the larger MAF sensor. The airbox preserves a stock look under the hood and preserves the original cold air intake.

“Thanks for all your help with MAF conversion on the Alfa V6, without your help this would have been very difficult to get sorted out as I had never done anything quite like this before.

It made a huge difference in the way that the car runs throughout the range. Most noticeably, the throttle response is much improved and there is more power everywhere.

I had rebuilt the engine in this car about six months ago, with some mild mods, hotter cams, ported and polished heads, headers, and a free flow exhaust. It seemed like the engine was asleep and never really went anywhere. The MAF conversion really woke it up, you can now feel the cams come on strong at about 4,000 RPM or so.

I’ve attached some photos, feel free to post them along with this message on your site if you like.

Thanks again for all your help, I hope to be doing more of these installations in the future.


Jeff Greenfield

Milano-Exterior  Milano-AFM-MAF Milano-Airbox  Milano-Engine-Bay Milano-Engine  Milano-MAF