BMW E46 M3 Supercharged

This E46 M3 has a 3.4 liter stroked S54 engine with balanced & blue printed block, custom CP pistons and rings, Eagle rods, Motorsport forged steel crank and a ported and polished head with 3-angle valve job. The compression is 9.5:1. It is fitted with a Vortech supercharger that makes 9 psi of boost at 7800 RPM. It has a custom intake plenum with integral air to water after cooler and an additional injector per cylinder.

The PSC1-003 is used to fine tune the fuel trims in the closed loop region and limit the MAF signal in boost. A custom version of the AIC1 is used to drive the 6 extra injectors which provide the additional fuel needed to support the high output of this engine.

E46-M3-SC-at-SS  E46-M3-SC-wheel  E46-M3-SC-hood  E46-M3-SC-rear  E46-M3-SC-engine  E46-M3-SC-2nd-inj

This engine was dyno tuned for 451 horsepower at the wheels which equates to over 530 hp at the crank.