BMW E92 335i with Turbo Tuner Project Car

The E92 335i is a highly refined automobile with progressive throttle response and smooth power delivery. With the addition of the Turbo Tuner, the engine retains all of its original road manners with even more power available on demand. The Turbo Tuner maintains a stock tune in the vacuum region which results in stock drivability, fuel economy and emissions. The higher boost provided by the Turbo Tuner expands the performance envelope without drawbacks. The Turbo Tuner works with the stock ECU to provide precise boost control and lowers the boost at high under-hood temperatures to protect the engine.

The Turbo Tuner can be installed or uninstalled in seconds with no tools required. It just plugs in.

335i-project-car  BMW-335i-front  BMW-335i-engine  Turbo-Tuner-in-palmTT location  Map sensor highlight

This dyno comparison shows gains of over 50 horsepower and 50 ft-lbs at the wheels with the Turbo Tuner installed.