BMW E24 M635csi Spiked

The ARC2 works along with your existing engine management computer to extract peak performance from your engine.

BMW M635csi
Installation using a MAF3.5 kit
M6352 M6353

This M635csi came to us with a stroker motor. The owner reported that this car never ran quite right. He explained to us that his vehicle had a big flat spot that his mechanic could not fix. His goal was to realize the power he expected by going to the stroker motor and improve driveability.

Installation of the MAF3.5 kit required welding a bung for the EGO1 oxygen sensor since the car did not come with one. Otherwise the installation was very similar to other M5 and M6 conversions that we have done.

>After installation we spent 15 minutes calibrating the ARC2. A short test drive revealed that the conversion was a complete success. The power band was widened and completely smooth. The owner finally had the power and driveability he always hoped for from his car. He was ecstatic!!!!!!