BMW E30 M3 with MAF Kit

The MAF kit for the E30 M3 is now available with either the front panel adjustable ARC2 or the laptop programmable PSC1-004. Both work along with your existing engine management computer to extract peak performance from your engine.

The example shown here is running the PSC1-004.

E30M3-at-SS  E30M3-rear-34  E30M3-int  E30M3-wheel  E30M3-front-34  E30M3-dash

Before and after photos of the engine compartment show that the MAF sensor integrates well with the stock airbox

E30_M3_MAF_before  E30_M3_MAF_after   E30_M3_MAF_closeup

In order the mount the MAF sensor to the top of the air box, a larger hole is cut with a die grinder. The Gortex gasket supplied with the kit may be used as a template for the circular opening and the mounting holes.


The metal reinforcing plate and air horn are removed from the inside of the top section.

103-0318_IMG  103-0362_IMG

Of course the real action is at the rear wheels. The 224 hp was achieved on a 2.5L with 284/276 Schrick cams, 4-1 merge collector and 3″ exhaust.


The conversion is accomplished with a MAF 3.5 sensor, the Split Second PSC1-004 Programmable Signal Calibrator and the ARM1 Air/fuel Ratio Meter. This installation also utilized the IAT1 Intake Air Temperature sensor to optimize cold starts.

The MAF sensor gets rid of a major restriction on the intake of the engine resulting in significantly more power especially at higher RPMs. Unlike TPS or MAP sensor based conversions, use of the MAF sensor provides a flow type signal similar to the vane style air flow meter.

The PSC1-004 does all the signal conditioning necessary to convert the output of the MAF sensor to look like an air flow meter signal to the ECU. Therefore the ECU continues to operate in exactly the same manner, with the same fuel and ignition mapping. This results in more horsepower with no degradation in driveability. In fact the driveability is improved due to the improved throttle response. The PSC1-004 does important signal filtering and conditioning so the conversion works well over temperature and elevation changes.

Since the conversion to the MAF sensor does not involve a change to the PROM in the ECU, you can use whatever chip you like and change anytime you want to alter the ignition and fuel mapping. You are not locked into a particular chip.

The laptop programmable PSC1-004 has far greater range and resolution than the ARC2-A. This makes it possible to fine tune the fuel curve for more precise air/fuel ratio. The 3-D mapping in the PSC1-004 makes it possible to fine tune the fuel curve to take advantage of every engine modification you make. Say you modify the air filter which alters the flow across the MAF sensor element. Or, you might go to bigger injectors, a higher fuel pressure regulator or bigger exhaust. The PSC1-004 provides a way to optimize for maximum performance.