Ferrari F50

This U.S. Spec Ferrari F50 had a custom exhaust system installed. The system was different enough to alter the fuel mixture and drivability of the car. A custom version of the PSC1 was developed that could intercept the right and left MAF sensors in order to tune the car. The system was designed to be completely plug-and-play and once installed could be reversed back to stock in minutes.

Ferrari_F50  107-0776_IMG  107-0777_IMG


An intercept plug routes the signal from each MAF sensor to the PSC1.



A different intercept plug picks up the tachometer signal from one of the ignition modules.



A custom wire harness tied all the intercept modules to the PSC1.



Jose installs an O2 sensor bung so that a lambda meter could be used for street testing.



Dyno testing was done to verify the air/fuel ratios at wide open throttle.


The result was a deeper more throaty exhaust note with no sacrifice in performance or drivability.

F50-in-Splitsec-FR  108-0809_IMG  F50-Engine-Bay F50-Interior  108-0811_IMG  F50-Engine-Detail