Neon Turbo

The ARC2 works along with your existing engine management computer to extract peak performance from your engine.


Neon  neon6

Turbo Neon


neon4  Neon3  neon5  neon2

Installation of the ARM1 and ARC2



A Comparison of a Stock Injector to the New Turbo Injector


This Neon has taken the Split Second approach. Through feedback from the ARM1 and air/fuel control coming from the ARC2, this Neon can be turbocharged. The ARC2 can calibrate the fuel curve of a stock ECU through its sensors. By using a two bar map sensor, the ARC2 has the ability to calibrate the engine on or off boost. This is a permanent solution that will not compromise driveability or fuel economy. Complete pictures of the turbo installation and dyno results are coming soon.