Porsche 928 Turbocharged

This Porsche 928 Turbo Project utilized the PSC1-009 to replace the restrictive stock air flow meter with a mass air flow sensor.

928-Engine-on-stand  IMG_0063

The MAF conversion results in impressive horsepower gains and improved turbo spool-up times. To get the most out of the MAF conversion you need to look at the entire system to see where the restrictions are. In this case there were some tight bends and sudden diameter changes which were restrictive to air flow and caused pressure drops in the intake.

The photo on the left shows a simple reducer being used to expand the diameter of the intake tubing to the MAF sensor. This reducer was too abrupt and did not allow the air to completely expand inside the MAF sensor. This led to inaccurate readings. A custom expander was fabricated and resulted in much smoother response and precise air/fuel ratios. The photo on the right shows the mock up of the custom expander.


928-MAF-Sensor  928-Diffuser-Mock-up

Here is a photo of the finished expander.




The tight bends and narrow tubing at the intercooler were also found to be a problem. The photos below show the improvement made through fabrication of a custom intercooler.

928-Old-Intercooler-wAFM  928-Intercooler