Porsche 944 Turbo

The ARC2 works along with your existing engine management computer to extract peak performance from your engine.


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MAF Stage 3 Kit



944 Dyno sheet


Mass Airflow Kits

The universal MAF 3.0 and MAF 3.5 kits are both applicable to the Porsche 944 Turbo. Turbo owners will see a significant reduction in spool up time as well as improved throttle repose and huge HP & TQ gains. Most turbo cars pick up 2 PSI of boost without any other change. The sound the car makes with the MAF is unbelievable! These kits make power from idol to redline smoothly and solidly. Anytime you hit the pedal the extra power is there! An MAF kit opens up the intake to very close to a zero restriction because it does away with the most restrictive components in you intake system like the ‘Barn door’ air flow meter and factory air box. Any restriction the motor has to breathe through hurts performance. In addition to the lower restriction, modern MAF sensors are much more accurate than the old mechanical ‘barn doors’. The higher accuracy allows much tighter tolerance on the mixtures your car needs to make maximum power and stay safe from detonation and lean conditions which cause the dreaded head gasket failures. As with all our MAF kits this one automatically adjusts for changes in altitude and temperature. This kit also preserves OEM levels of drivability. This system can be retuned to work with future modifications car might get without requiring new chips. Every owner is capable of tuning the system for whatever combination of parts, boost, and driving conditions they have. These kits can be based on either the front panel adjustable ARC2-A, or the laptop programmable PSC1-004 calibrators.