Supercharged 2005 Jeep 4.0L

We finally got a 2005 4.0L Jeep on the dyno. We have done plenty of the ’97 through ’04 models with our FTC1-201 calibration module. This is our first one with the NGC Next Generation Computer ECU.

SC 2005 Jeep engine

Fuel is delivered through a single additional injector which is controlled by the FTC1-124. The additional fuel helps cool the intake charge and is well mixed with air in the supercharger.

SC 2005 Jeep injector

The supercharger is designed by Rick Rimmer and sold by Boostec.

SC 2005 Jeep front

The FTC1 is shown next to the firewall on the driver side. For a more permanent installation we cover the unit with a bubble wrap plastic bag to keep moisture away fro it.

SC 2005 Jeep FTC1

Here are the results on the dyno. We made 173 hp and 235 ft-lbs. Not bad considering it was an automatic with 35 inch tires and 488 gears. This jeep absolutely jumps off the line when you give it throttle and is way more fun to drive.

2005 SC Jeep 4.0L Peak

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