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Tune Plus Port Injection

The AIC1 has become very popular for adding port injection to direct injected turbo engines. An ideal platform is the Ford Ecoboost. Here are some comments from Tune Plus. They have a complete kit for this application. TunePlus, Inc has been using Split Second AIC Additional injector controllers for the past 4 years in our […]

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VC3-100 On Toyota Tundra

Here are some customer comments about the VC3-100 voltage clamp on his Toyota Tundra: Hi Mark. Just sent a few pics. Sorry for the dirty truck. It’s literally a daily driver and I live down a dirt road. Stock 2003 tundra with 4.7 that has about 215,000 miles. Running intake from 05-06 tundra. 440cc injectors. […]

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Aston Martin Vanquish S

This Aston Martin Vanquish S came to us with some heavy exhaust modifications. Those mods did a fantastic job of making power. The problem was the tune was way off and the engine ran lean under load. We selected the dual channel, laptop programmable PSC1-013 to tune the engine. The dual channel feature allowed us […]

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We have a new version of the AIC1 that controls six additional injectors. It is tailored specifically for the BMW N54 engine with a supplemental fuel rail. When coupled with larger turbos it is possible to double the horsepower of the stock engine. The AIC1-V6H/EV6 comes with the R4 software that can be used to […]

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Tim’s 350z

We received this email update from Tim about his 350z and just had to share it: I want to thank you for all the help over the years. I’m using your FTC-1 Fuel/timing Box in my 350z, it’s works well. I thought you might like to see just how well I can Tune my car […]

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Danny’s Ghia

This one has definitely been a labor of love.  More than a few late nights and a lot of helping hands were required to get this gorgeous Karmann Ghia to this point.       In addition to being a looker, it is also a runner.  This Ghia has a 2180cc engine with FK89 cam.  From there […]

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Supercharged Plymouth Prowler

We have seen a recent uptick in interest in the FTC1 for supercharged Plymouth Prowlers. Back in the day, many Prowlers were fitted with Paxton supercharger kits. That kit used an additional injector and timing retard module from Split Second. In the years since, we have developed a new module called the FTC1-006B. It offers […]

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New & Noteworthy in TCT Magazine

TCT Magazine did a write up on our new MAF kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser in their New & Noteworthy section in their April 2014 issue. This kit opens up the intake dramatically which improves power and throttle response without compromising ruggedness or reliability. Click on the continue reading link below and the TCT 0414 […]

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