New FTC1 for Supercharged Land Rover

We recently completed the evaluation of the FTC1-127 for the Land Rover.  This laptop programmable calibrator optimizes fuel and timing on supercharged engines.  The project vehicle shown here is the 1998 Land Rover Discovery with the 4.0L V8 engine.  The FTC1-127 is designed to be used with a single additional injector.

This photo shows the location of the additional injector at the end of the braided fuel line.

LRD SC Injector

For this installation, the FTC1-127  is located in the passenger footwell area.  This keeps the unit away from heat and moisture.  It also makes it convenient to plug into the unit for programming.

LRD FTC1 Install

The wiring for the FTC1-127 is passed through an existing grommet in the firewall that is located behind the glovebox.  The location where the wire harness goes through the firewall is circled in yellow in this photo.

LRD Pass Through Circled

The ECU is conveniently located on the other side of the firewall at the corner of the engine bay on the passenger side.  It is easy to access the ECU and make the necessary wire connections.  The ECU connectors are shown here.

LRD ECU Wiring

The FTC1-127 was tuned for a safe fuel mixture in boost along with the appropriate ignition timing retard to prevent pinging.  Another feature of this unit is part-throttle enrichment in boost.  This makes it possible to run a richer fuel mixture even when the ECU is in closed loop.

LRD SC Engine

After the FTC1-127 was installed and tuned, this engine provided instant power in any gear and RPM.  Whether you are tooling around town or doing serious off-roading, this will make your journey a lot more enjoyable.


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