Danny’s Ghia

This one has definitely been a labor of love.  More than a few late nights and a lot of helping hands were required to get this gorgeous Karmann Ghia to this point.

Ghia 34 crop s  Ghia front s  Ghia R34 crop s  Ghia dash s

In addition to being a looker, it is also a runner.  This Ghia has a 2180cc engine with FK89 cam.  From there things get really crazy.  It has port fuel injection with a 19lb/hr fuel injector per cylinder.  The injection is fed by a Walbro fuel pump and 45 psi static fuel pressure.  Injection is controlled by a custom Split Second unit with separate maps for warm-up and normal run modes.

Just to make things really interesting, it also runs a throttle-by-wire setup that provides an adjustable higher idle after initial start.  The engine starts right up, settles into a nice idle and pulls strong.

One of a kind for sure.

Ghia engine s


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