Tim’s 350z

We received this email update from Tim about his 350z and just had to share it: I want to thank you for all the help over the years. I’m using your FTC-1 Fuel/timing Box in my 350z, it’s works well. I thought you might like to see just how well I can Tune my car with it. TimRod’s Un-touched Stock Motor, Full Weight 10 Second 350z Street Car, World Record Holder It feels very good to obtain a goal that you have been working on for more than a few years that no one else has done. I Finally put the Very First Nissan 350z or Infinity G35 with a Stock motor and Full Weight in the 10’s. To my knowledge there is no other in the 10’s anywhere. I’ve done Extreme Research to verify this world wide. My Best to Date; 60ft 1.514,    10.954@127.56mph Hay BillyBob, That is 2.49 Seconds 0-60mph time

Timothy Hampton 350z TH TH 350z engine TH 350z in the garage

TH 350z IC TH 350z SC TH 350z Intake

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