VC3-100 On Toyota Tundra

Here are some customer comments about the VC3-100 voltage clamp on his Toyota Tundra:

Hi Mark. Just sent a few pics. Sorry for the dirty truck. It’s literally a daily driver and I live down a dirt road.

Stock 2003 tundra with 4.7 that has about 215,000 miles. Running intake from 05-06 tundra. 440cc injectors. E85. Custom charge pipe. Comp oiless remote mount turbo. 7lbs boost. Jba long tube headers. Catless mid pipes. Equal length y pipe. BA muffler 12” muffler.

Problem started when we upped the boost from 4psi to 7. After being in boost for about 4-5 seconds the truck would shut down due to the high mass air meter reading.

After installing the vc3 it took about 15 minutes to find where to clamp the voltage. But now we can stay in boost as long as we want.

Thanks again for building this product. I recommend it to everyone that I can!!

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