Tune Plus Port Injection

The AIC1 has become very popular for adding port injection to direct injected turbo engines. An ideal platform is the Ford Ecoboost. Here are some comments from Tune Plus. They have a complete kit for this application.

TunePlus, Inc has been using Split Second AIC Additional injector controllers for the past 4 years in our Ford Ecoboost high horsepower builds. The factory fuel system in the Ecoboost 2.0/2.3L cannot support more than 420whp on pump gas/race gas, and even less with Ethanol. We have been able to build a kit to add 4 additional injectors between the intake manifold and cylinder head, and control them with an AIC from Split Second. We required a specific wiring harness to suit our application and Split Second got it done without any hassle, even when we changed up our request about 4 or 5 times haha.

The system is easy to install, and easy to control. No overly complex settings, or setup process to get up and going. Wire it up, power it on, and connect to the R4 software. We have shipped over 100 of our custom AIC units from Split Second and never had any issues and customers were able to set them up on their own with simple instructions on our end!

Split Second has helped support the highest horsepower Ecoboost powered vehicles on the planet!



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