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Ray’s E30 M3

Ray brought his immaculate E30 M3 in for a MAF kit installation. This is about the cleanest E30 M3 we have ever seen. It was like working on a new car. Here are some of the goodies on Ray’s car: 2.5L Stroker Engine BMW OEM Sport Evolution 2.5L Crankshaft CP Forged Pistons S14 Stage 2 […]

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Tribute to Alpina B9

Antony brought by his “Tribute to the Alpina B9” today. It is a beautifully prepared 1988 E28 535is. It addition to the distinct Alpina look it features shorty headers, Supersprint exhaust, MSD ignition and adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Of course it also has a Split Second MAF kit. The MAF 3.5 sensor preserves a nice […]

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New MAF Kit Article

We have added a new article from the February 2014 issue of Excellence Magazine. It details the build of a beautiful Porsche Speedster GR. The engine was fitted with an MAF Kit 3.5-P in order to eliminate the original air flow meter. This gets rid of a major restriction on the intake which improves power […]

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New FTC1 for Supercharged Land Rover

We recently completed the evaluation of the FTC1-127 for the Land Rover.  This laptop programmable calibrator optimizes fuel and timing on supercharged engines.  The project vehicle shown here is the 1998 Land Rover Discovery with the 4.0L V8 engine.  The FTC1-127 is designed to be used with a single additional injector. This photo shows the […]

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1992 Land Cruiser MAF Conversion

We have a new MAF kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser.  It makes acceleration much smoother and effortless.  This is a really nice upgrade for these 4.0L engines. Here is the engine before installation of the MAF kit. This is what it looks like after installation of the kit.  The stock air inlet and air […]

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Supercharged 2005 Jeep 4.0L

We finally got a 2005 4.0L Jeep on the dyno. We have done plenty of the ’97 through ’04 models with our FTC1-201 calibration module. This is our first one with the NGC Next Generation Computer ECU. Fuel is delivered through a single additional injector which is controlled by the FTC1-124. The additional fuel helps […]

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E28 M5 Dyno Tune

This beautiful E28 M5 came to us recently for a little touch-up tuning. The S38 engine in this beast was built with a stroker crank and Mahle pistons to 3.8L and 12:1 compression. The head was ported and fitted with custom cams. The MAF kit fits neatly and looks like it belongs there. Note that […]

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