Supercharged Plymouth Prowler

We have seen a recent uptick in interest in the FTC1 for supercharged Plymouth Prowlers. Back in the day, many Prowlers were fitted with Paxton supercharger kits. That kit used an additional injector and timing retard module from Split Second.

In the years since, we have developed a new module called the FTC1-006B. It offers far more precise fuel delivery which results in improved smoothness and more power.

When the FTC1-006B is combined with the Enricher you get the ultimate tune for a supercharged Prowler. The photo below shows the FTC1-006B and Enricher combination installed on a Prowler.

Plymouth Prowler 007s

The FTC1-006B comes pre-tuned for the Prowler. We dyno tuned a project vehicle to make sure that the fuel mixture and timing advance are just right. The chart below shows the healthy 287 hp and 251 ft-lbs of torque that we made on the dyno.

Prowler dyno

Here are a few more photos of the project car with these mods.

Plymouth Prowler 001s    Plymouth Prowler 008s

Plymouth Prowler 009s


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