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FTC1-202 Fuel/Timing Calibrator, JTEC Jeep p-n-p

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Product Description

The FTC1-202 is a plug-and-play version of the FTC1-019D for 4.0L Jeep applications.  It is designed to be used with larger injectors.  The FTC1-019D has an internal 2-bar map sensor which replaces the stock sensor.  Both the map sensor signal and timing retard are laptop programmable.  The unit comes pre-programmed with a base map for a typical supercharger application.   It also has an enrichment function that adds fuel in boost at part-throttle.  The FTC1-202 is compatible with the 3-plug, JTEC PCM modules found on 1997 through 2004 models.

The R4 software is included with this unit.

Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

Click here to view the FTC1 Fuel/Timing Calibrator Data Sheet.

Click here to view the FTC1-202 Installation Instructions.

Tech Notes

Click here to view the Getting Started with the R4 Software Tech Note.

Click here to view the Running the R4 Software on a USB Port Tech Note.

Click here to view the Fuel an Engine in Boost using a 2 bar Map Sensor Tech Note.

Click here to view the Piggyback Tuning Tech Note.

Click here to view the Setting up Auxiliary Inputs in R4 Tech Note.

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